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Teamviewer: The perpetual "Pain In The Ass."
Pain In The IT Guys Ass Numero Uno: Needing to urgently address a clients support ticket issue and your away from the office, have a device to securely log in to your TeamViewer account, but you haven't previously used this device to access TeamViewer previously. You get everything looking like it's a winner  then BAM, right at the step you would use to get your job done (and my what phenomenal job you do!) you get box popping up in your face that says something to the extent of: "install limit reached!! please upgrade your 600 dollar* business license to a 2000 platinum plus plus plus* license...or deactivate another device."*(dramatic supporting language courtesy of your IT guy.)  SOLUTION(S) Deactivating an existing device If you already have 3 devices registered, you will be directed online by the software to remove one of the existing devices from your license.   You can also remov...