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Needing to urgently address a clients support ticket issue and your away from the office, have a device to securely log in to your TeamViewer account, but you haven't previously used this device to access TeamViewer previously.

You get everything looking like it's a winner  then BAM, right at the step you would use to get your job done (and my what phenomenal job you do!) you get box popping up in your face that says something to the extent of: "install limit reached!! please upgrade your 600 dollar* business license to a 2000 platinum plus plus plus* license...or deactivate another device."*(dramatic supporting language courtesy of your IT guy.) 


Deactivating an existing device

If you already have 3 devices registered, you will be directed online by the software to remove one of the existing devices from your license.


You can also remove the devices by logging in directly here where you can deactivate an existing device.


Once you have removed a device, you can sign in to a new device as normal.


Adding Devices to Your Contacts List

This issue can be caused by manually assigning devices you are connecting to as well. Assigning a device manually means that you are signing in, so, unfortunately, this cannot be done. However, there are much easier ways to set up the product on your endpoints. (This means you also get to avoid annoying "Trusted devices" emails)


1. Create a custom Host

See The Teamviewer Knowledgebase Article

When installed, these are assigned to you automatically and will appear in your contacts list. You can also add custom logo's and even set the settings you want to install using a policy.


2. Custom Full-version

You can also have a full-version installer that is assigned to you automatically as well. Simply create a custom host as you would above, then grab the "Configuration ID" from the edit field of the host module (Screenshot attached) and add this to the end of an installer .exe prefixed by "-bbw"


For example:

Configuration ID: aabb2612

Installer name is "TeamViewer_Setup.exe" becomes "TeamViewer_Setup-bbwaabb2612.exe"


3. You can just install without doing the assignment and entering your details. Just skip that part of the install and set a permanent password under "Extras" > "Options" > "Security"


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