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What if someone incorrectly enters my IP for a domain?


Likely scenario:

You own "" (just example) but you are carefully looking through your Google analytics information and notice some domain "" (for example) is quite the "external links" source... You visit the domain to see how a link to your site found its way to such a pecuiliar-sounding place ... You enter the uel into the browser and click go, to find that the domain ITSELF brings up your site as if it were yours.


This can happen for a number of reasons, malicious or unintentional. There is nothing you can really do that is logical, in terms of trying to get it changed by means of the other party.


Like most things in life, you are best to handle the situation yourself. 


Bottom line: add this to your nginx web server conf.

server {

        listen  [::]:80 default_server;

        location / {

            return 444;


        access_log /...path.../host-bad.log;




Use the separate access log in that block so I can peek in occasionally to see the myriad of bad names I'm getting requests for. 

I also use 444 since I have no inclination to give a bad request a response at all, and that causes nginx to simply close the connection.

You can of course do anything else in this block instead. 

This sample is also configured for IPv4/6, so remove the "[::]:" prefix if the rest of your configuration is IPv4 only)


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