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"Exponential Data Growth" Takeaways From Conference [Q4-2017]


 "Exponential Data Growth?"

Here are a few facts and cases in point to consider:

  • In 2010, the economist published a story about Walmart’s systems handling a staggering 75 million transactions an hour, feeding into databases estimated to hold a total of 2.5 petabytes. This year in 2017, Forbes cites them as processing 2.5 petabytes an hour.
  • Decoding the human genome was one of the biggest science stories of a generation. It took ten years: on today’s tech it could be done in two weeks.
  • When the Sloan Digital Sky Survey began in 2000, more data was collected in the first few weeks than had been previously been gathered in the entire history of astronomy. When the large synoptic Survey Telescope goes online in Mexico 2022, it will start with 16 petabytes of storage – scaling immediately – and the volume of data collected will be so large as to be impossible for humans to analyse it – this is AI or bust on a system with 100 terraflops of computing power.
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