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Google Analytics & Orbitalunderground Projects.


All projects that involve public facing (production server as its referred to here internally) web applications or sites are registered with google analytics. This, however, has become somewhat of a "compounding scenario" given the number of properties contained within my analytics account and the multi-dimensional process of properly configuring each property.


For an additional fee

(nominal - based primarily on size and weight of project) 

I will register your primary email address (one address) to be allowed unrestricted access to the information obtained for the domain/URL where your projects primary content resides.

Generally, there is only one "primary" property per project even when the project might span many pages and URLs.

In the rare case your property is required to have been registered as multiple 'properties' for the sake of analytics you can choose which of those you would like the co-access to, or if you would like unrestricted access to all (only if multiple properties are needed, of course, and I can't recall ANY projects that have necessitated multiple registrations) you will be required to pay the nominal fee on EACH unique property.


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