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Linux Mint desktop install issues/solutions (from experience)


So, your thinking about tackling the task of giving your old windows based laptop or desktop a breath of new life?

Installing a Linux Desktop flavor is an excellent choice for achieving just that. I have personally repurposed over a dozen of machines in this manner. My distribution of choice is Ubuntu, any of the LTS releases. 

This has happened smoothly, without a hitch, 98% of the time. However, I ran into quite a headache inducing instance recently. It involved an older desktop (HP- but I think that's fairly irrelevant) equipped with one of the fancier NVIDIA graphic card systems. This was the heart of the troubles.

I would like to come back and add some deeper material related to Ubuntu, and it's issues upon installation. In my case I needed to have this clients machine useable ASAP, and no excuses would be acceptable.

For the short term, I turned to a different distribution. Linux Mint 18- cinnamon 64 to be exact. It showed hopeful signs above what Ubuntu had given right away. However, it came with it's own issues, also related to the NVIDIA graphics.

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