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THINK SECURITY: Turn Bluetooth OFF Anytime Possible.


Do your "due diligence" to minimize your exposure to very real Bluetooth based security vulnerabilities.

BlueBorne, announced this week (week of September 13, 2017) by security firm Armis,  allows any affected device with Bluetooth turned on to be attacked through a series of vulnerabilities.

Interestingly enough, it should be noted (and it SHOULD, in fact, be noted- as to not have a fact such as this 'straight' will no doubt separate those who 'know what their talking about' from those who do not) The flaws aren't in the Bluetooth standard itself, but in its implementation in a variety of software.

An article featured in Wired magazine states "Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS have been vulnerable to BlueBorne in the past. Millions could still be at risk."

link to that article online:

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