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THINK SECURITY: Turn Bluetooth OFF Anytime Possible.
Do your "due diligence" to minimize your exposure to very real Bluetooth based security vulnerabilities. BlueBorne, announced this week (week of September 13, 2017
Site Optimization Tools.
The internet is littered with "tools and tricks" that will supposedly make your site the fastest, or do 'this' or 'fix that.' In my experience (over 20 years) it's best to treat most of these no diffe...
Install OpenVPN on a vps in 30 seconds or less !
enable TUN/TAP and ppp on your server's control panel.
I have a directory that is unpacked, but is in a folder. How can I move the contents up one level?
just issue an mv command
How much does the dDoS@Home-[HD] cost? How does it work?
www: 'A' record or CNAME?
Definitely CNAME.
How to create SSH keys. (Linux, Windows)
An SSH Key allows you to log into your server without needing a password. SSH Keys can be automatically added to servers during the installation process.
Letsencrypt renewal under 'ee'
ee site update <insert site here> --letsencrypt=renew
Permanently removing apache2
apache2 is a metapackage that just selects other packages. If you installed apache by installing that package, you just need to run this to clean up the automatically selected packages: sudo apt-get a...
$5.00 off order: CJCCUPO32R 30% off order: CJCEB30A 35% off order: CJCRMN35MB
Downloading FB videos (private or not)
This link:  FB Videos [top of page links to similar easy tools for VIMEO & MORE]
Easy Download Audio From YOUTUBE Videos as .MP3s.
When you are on the youtube page thats playing the video you'd like the audio from highlight the URL in the browser address bar and cut/copy then, Go To This Page where you will click the input box a...
GitHub Fork vs. Clone
"Fork" in this context means "Make a copy of their code so that I can add my own modifications". There's not much else to say. Every clone is essentially a fork, and it's up to the original to decide ...
Internet Privacy Considerations.
In today's time it's increasingly important that internet users be knowledgeable about the "reality" of the current state of "internet privacy." So, in order to 'do my part', I've added this entry int...

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