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Install OpenVPN on a vps in 30 seconds or less !
Install OpenVPN on a ramnode vps in 30 seconds or less Remember to enable TUN/TAP and ppp on your server's control panel.
What URL or IP do I connect to in order to access server for my site?
This is a serious question, believe it or not. If your site is then you access the server by connecting to.... You guessed it, !
How to create SSH keys. (Linux, Windows)
An SSH Key allows you to log into your server without needing a password. SSH Keys can be automatically added to servers during the installation process.
www: 'A' record or CNAME?
Definitely CNAME.   It fits the scheme of what you are doing in that *must* be an A record, and is the same host, and therefore is properly, an alias to One ...
Where do I check my email?
Not all accounts include email accounts. Those that do can be checked with any browser by visiting:
What are some things that can be done with DropBox that I may not be aware of?
One of the beautiful things about Dropbox cloud storage service is the endless list of advanced uses that have been created. Although nearly all of the advanced uses can be done with the free Dropbox...
GitHub Fork vs. Clone
"Fork" in this context means "Make a copy of their code so that I can add my own modifications". There's not much else to say. Every clone is essentially a fork, and it's up to the original to decide ... discount promo codes I've seen work.
CJCRMN2CP changes price of domain privacy to 2.00 at time of a domain registration. domain privacy reg. 7.99
I have a directory that is unpacked, but is in a folder. How can I move the contents up one level?
just issue an mv command mv (directory)/* . if you want to delete the directory then add rm -rf (directory) Assumed that you are in a parent directory o
Are signatures in email messages retarded?
I've heard the topic discussed on m multiple occasions. "Are signatures in email useful?" Some points on the topic... --What would it hurt not to?
Letsencrypt renewal under 'ee'
ee site update <insert site here> --letsencrypt=renew
Automatically change directory on ssh login.

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